Why It’s Essential to Waterproof Your Tent Rental

Event tents provide only so much cover from the elements, especially when it comes to rain. And although rain is sparse in some sections of the west, it’s vital to ensure you’re prepared. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure full-coverage and weather protection when it comes to hosting an event.

What Happens When It Rains on an Event Tent?

Temporary structures like tents don’t have awnings. Because of this, rain easily slides down the sides and puddles around the edges. If the ground has even the slightest slope where the tent placement occurs, there is also a chance the water will run down and puddle within the tent.

Along with making the grass wet, the ground can become muddy, which creates a slippery and unsafe hazard for guests. The last thing that you want is for someone to fall and possibly get injured during your event. To prevent this, there are two ways that a company can waterproof the inside of event tent rentals.

1. Build a Subfloor

A secure way to avoid a wet disaster is to create a floor under the tent. When the crew members build the subfloor, they build a level surface. They also slightly raise the subfloor so that any rain runoff goes under the floor rather than under your guests’ feet. Similarly, it prevents furniture and electronic equipment from becoming damaged by rainwater.

Along with keeping walking areas dry and safe, the subfloor creates a stable foundation when the ground is uneven. As a result, it can increase the amount of usable space on your property. In fact, a subfloor can be built over structures, such as decks, gardens, and pools, so that you can set up your tent where you want. Ramps, steps, and guardrails can be added so that your guests can safely access the tent.

After your event, the subfloor will be removed along with the tent. Your property will return to exactly the way it was before the structures were installed.

2. Build a Cement Curb

A more economical way to waterproof the inside of a tent rental is to install a cement ramp or curb. This option is particularly useful if the ground where the tent is constructed is slightly sloped, such as a parking lot. The cement curb can be built at the entrance of the tent to match the slope. Although it sounds more complicated, tent rental experts know how to use cement curbs to protect the inside of your event tent.

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