Utilize a Stage Rental for Your Awards Ceremony Planning


How to Host an Awards Ceremony

From The Oscars to the Nobel Prizes, awards ceremonies honor an industry’s elite. The Golden Globes are fun-filled, festive, and relaxed cocktail parties for artists. The Nobel Prize is a formal, black-tie event complete with pomp and circumstance. Dress code, formality, and the decor have distinct elements that foster the ceremony’s atmosphere. The stage is a pivotal decision for ceremony organizers. Choosing the appropriate firm for staging rentals Las Vegas will have a huge influence on the outcome of your event. Here are three insider tips.

Design the Atmosphere

During the countdown to The Oscars, not only are the nominees the talk of the town, but also there is much buzz about the gowns, the jewels, and the parties. When the entertainment industry’s biggest award is handed out in the Kodak Theater, all eyes are on the stage. Keep this in mind when designing your own stage. Ask yourself these questions:

• What size and shape stage is best?

• How many podiums and gift tables will be needed on stage?

• Do I need high-tech features for the stage?

Brand the Stage

Throughout the 1980s and 90s, the stages of corporate events, chamber of commerce awards, and more minimalist. Typically, stages were branded with a corporate logo plastered on the back wall. Since then, awards ceremonies to recognize community leaders, fundraisers, scholars, and athletes have evolved. Well planned awards ceremonies incorporate branding the stage in a subtle way to reinforce the branding of the host.

Add Special Features

The stage is more than a raised platform for presenters, honorees, and peers to give speeches. Savvy event hosts utilize the stage for a theatrical effect that adds to the atmosphere of the ceremony. Don’t forget to include high-tech features, music, a balloon drop or other festive elements to add allure to your award ceremony.

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