Using Pipe and Drape for an Arts and Crafts Show

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Indoor Arts and Crafts Booths Made From Pipe and Drape

Ujar Finding materials for an arts and crafts show is similar to doing booths at trade shows. You can find an event rental company in Las Vegas that will supply the pipe and drape setups to help build the booth space for artists and craftspeople.

Vendors Bring Own Displays

Linyi The booth serves as the background for the artists or craftsman or performers; you can arrange a unique event by renting out the spaces to vendors who bring their own shelving or panels. Tables can be rented as well if the vendor does not have their own special tables to display their items.

An Array of Colors

Drapes and table covers can match, creating the ideal space to showcase the arts and crafts. You may choose black or white for simplicity and design that will really put the focus on the arts and crafts. Purples, deep reds, and deep blues can make items look more luxurious. Brighter colors, like pinks, yellows, or light blues can catch the attention of children and parents.

The Setup

Pipe and drape systems can be put up quickly by the staging experts, so your arts and craft booths can easily be in place before the vendors arrive with their displays and art panels. They know the space will offer privacy so that sales can be completed in a quiet environment, free of distractions. Your venue might also include a performer, guest artist or seasonal music to enliven the event. They can also take advantage of pipe and drape booths for a changing or storage space in between their performances. After the show is over, the pipe and drape setup can be easily broken down as soon as the artists have vacated the booth, with minimal cleanup required.

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