How to Use Pipe and Drape to Enhance Privacy at Your Event


Pipe and Drape as a Sales-Boosting Privacy Tool

Pipe and drape has been used for decades to set up partitions in busy event venues. This simple innovation makes use of three lengths of metal pipe that have been joined together at 90-degree angles. A curtain is hung over this pipe, which creates a wall that’s easy to move but hard to see around. Sales are more likely to happen when distraction is cut down to a minimum, and here are some of the ways that using pipe and drape at Las Vegas events can help your bottom line.

An Inviting Allure

When effectively used, pipe and drape can serve as a customer magnet. Most event venues consist of wide open areas that are full of bustle and commotion. Potential customers will zero in on an area surrounded by pipe and drape as an oasis where they can find some peace and quiet. Make sure that you use color to your advantage in light of this factor. Warm, inviting colors are more likely to draw customers than bland, boring hues.

Blocking Out the Hubbub

Once inside your area of the event venue, customers will find that they are able to focus on the task at hand. While pipe and drape is lightweight and maneuverable, it creates an opaque barrier that keeps customers from being distracted by what’s going on around them. Pipe and drape also muffles the sounds going on throughout the event venue, which makes it easier to carry on polite conversation.

Without any type of barrier between your customers and the outside world, you can be more likely to maximize sales. Make sure that you place an attention grabber such as a display of featured products or a large television monitor in a prominent position near the entrance to your area to help seal the deal.

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