Types Of Seating Risers To Use For Your Event


Selecting Seating Risers For Your Next Event

http://debashishbanerji.com/translations/jibanananda/horse/ Whether you’re hosting a concert or large assembly, seated risers can add some extra weight capacity to your stage or allow for more seating within the venue. As you’re planning for the event, you may want to be aware of all of the different types of risers at your disposal, which will provide you with the ability to select risers that will suit your requirements and help to make your event a successful one.

Seated Risers

buy Latuda otc Standard seated risers are designed to fold downward and can be readily moved before being placed on riser dollies. They can come with handrails along the side for additional safety. Another option at your disposal is a type of deluxe riser. These risers add extra depth to mobile stages and can be outfitted with wheels if necessary. They can fold for quick storage and are available in a variety of different surface materials. Both of these options can come with a fixed height or adjustable heights for multiple levels.

Standing Risers

These are meant to be used for standing performers, such as members of a choir. They come in several different types that include straight, modular, and tapered. Straight risers offer a large space for the performance while tapered options come with several levels to them. Modular risers can be equipped with a variety of features that include numerous folding points, gas springs, and built-in wheels.

Riser Materials to Consider

When you’re searching for seating riser rentals Las Vegas, there are various materials that the surface of the risers can be made from. Hardboard materials are constructed from solid plywood and are designed to provide you with a durable surface. Polypropylene is a type of textured plastic that can be used with these risers and allows for a non-slip surface that will keep everyone safe. You could also consider carpet as your riser surface of choice. Carpet can come in a wide array of colors and is a much quieter surface than the other options.

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