Two Types of Pipe and Drape that You Can Use at Events shutterstock_614156180

Best Types of Pipe and Drape for Events Pipe and drape rentals in Las Vegas are easy and cost-effective solutions for creating a private and inviting ambiance for your booth at an event. These combinations of steel pipes and hanging drapes block out all of the noise and distraction of a conference hall or outdoor event and make it easy to develop one-on-one relationships with guests and customers. However, there are a couple of different types of pipe and drape to choose from. Once you understand the two different varieties, you’ll be well-equipped to come up with some incredible and effective ideas that will impress your potential clients and contacts.

Partial Wall

´╗┐buy disulfiram tablets uk This type of pipe and drape only comes up to waist height. Partial wall pipe and drape is usually used to complement a backdrop that’s full height, but using this half-height variety of pipe and drape can make it easier for potential customers to home in on your booth from any angle. While this type of pipe and drape doesn’t provide much privacy, it does differentiate your space from the areas occupied by your neighbors, and it provides a simple and clean look.

Full Wall

If you’re looking for pipe and drape for privacy, this option is probably your best bet. Full wall pipe and drape is available in many different colors, and each color has special benefits. Black pipe and drape is the most private, but white pipe and drape is easy to light up from within or without with disco balls, strobe lights, or pulsing LEDs. This type of pipe and drape can be used to wrap all the way around your event space, and it provides privacy.

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