Turn Your Event into the Hottest Show in Town with Stages and Seats


Make your next event really stand out with musical acts and bands who perform live on stage. Choosing the right seating and getting help with the stage can make your show go perfectly.

Choose a Stage and Seating for Your Next Event

Las Vegas is home to more live shows and performances than almost any other city. Whether you want to throw a party, host a special event or even hold a charity fundraiser, you will need to pick the right seating and the right stage.

Seating Options

The right seating options for your concert depends on the atmosphere you want to create and the size of your venue. Bleacher seats are great for smaller spaces and a larger guest list. You can arrange those seats in a way that lets several rows of guests sit together in the same space. If you want to use tables and fit more guests in that space, you might opt for risers. You can also rent individual seating and tables to match those chairs to fill in a larger space.

Selecting a Stage

The stage that you choose must be large enough to accommodate the entire band or all your musical acts and their instruments and equipment too. When they need help with event staging Las Vegas, bar and club owners often hire professional management companies to help them decide which type of stage they need and get help installing a temporary stage for an upcoming show. You might need a larger stain for a national or international act or a smaller stage for some local bands. There are also unique stages that let your guests walk over performers and see them playing beneath them.

Set the Stage

Setting your stage in the right way can help you make more money, get more customers inside your space and keep your bands and artists happy. In addition to a stage for those acts, you will also need to select the right type of seating to keep your guests feeling comfortable and happy.

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