Transparent Staging Platforms Increase The Wow Factor


How To Make Your Staging The Star Of The Show

Staging for most events is used as a means to elevate certain areas or people at your venue. Looking for platform rentals in Las Vegas in these cases would be a matter of finding something sturdy, affordable, and of a suitable size for your venue and purpose. That usually means the more basic your platform, the better.

However, there are times when you want your staging platforms to stand out and become part of the show. Think beyond dance floors and runways to product showcasing and atmosphere creation.

Set A Mood With Lighting

Transparent platform staging and under-lighting are made for each other. Very few of us have been to a wedding or dance club that didn’t use this pairing to great advantage. This configuration can also be used in subtle ways to provide accent lighting and set a tone. A dramatic example would edging the platform with white LED tape lights while the rest of the room is washed in royal blue. You can also stagger blocks of transparent staging with solid sections to guide groups down aisles or through walkways.

Use Transparent Staging As Decor

Traditional staging would involve using a staging platform and overhead or frontal spotlights to draw attention. With transparent staging, the stage itself can create a focal point. Transparent risers can be setup in pools or fountains and lit from below as a decorative feature, filled with flowers, or even used with smoke machines and under-lighting to create an ethereal effect.

Make Your Display Stand Out

Imagine you’re walking through an event. You see one product display using more traditional platforms or tables and another that features colorful, vinyl-wrapped transparent platforms or product lines that are lit from below. Most people would be drawn to the stall that stands out for its visual appeal. Because these platforms are so versatile and available in many sizes, they can be constructed to create a product showcase rather than a simple platform.

When you want to stage spectacular events, a professional event equipment company is a cost-effective planning partner for staging, tents, lighting, and more. Even with a small budget, your setup is limited only by your imagination.

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