Transforming a Rental Space for a Women’s Empowerment Event


Three Tips for Decor at a Women’s Empowerment Event

It’s so important to make sure that your event decorations set the ambiance for the program. When the space looks amazing, it’ll help your guests feel more comfortable. In most cases, people interact with their eyes first. Think of food. People eat with their eyes first. This is why chefs plate the food in specific ways. Consider the following decor ideas and ways to decorate a women’s empowerment event. These tips will help the women appreciate the space based on how it looks.

Pick a theme

When you’re in the planning stages, it’s a good idea to create and determine the theme of the event. Even though you might be throwing a women’s empowerment event, that’s not the theme. You can have event themes based books like The Great Gatsby or a time period like the Harlem Renaissance. A garden party theme is definitely trending right now. You can create backdrops for photographs and more.

Consider the room

Take a look at the room you’re hosting the event in. If it’s a naturally beautiful room, you might not want to do too much to transform the room. However, if it’s not beautiful, you can transform it. The key is that you don’t want to work against the room. Try to make your decorations complement the room. Take advantage of pipe and drape rentals Las Vegas as they can instantly transform the look and feel of a room. Your centerpieces, floral decorations and lighting can create a cohesive look as well.

Break down the details

Understand that the details really do matter. Spend time making sure that the centerpieces are immaculately beautiful. They don’t have to be expensive to be gorgeous. Add candles for ambiance. Create custom draping for the ceilings. Break down the decorations into smaller segments. Recruit people to help you pull it off. Setting up an event is no easy feat. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it all on your own.

Once you get into the flow, your creative juices will start flowing. As you become more inspired, the better your results will be. Remember to have tons of fun. It’ll turn out beautiful in the end.

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