Tips on Using a Staging Rental Company to Maximize Profit


Sell Your Home Using a Staging Rental Service in Vegas

Staging is an import part of selling a house these days, in which you will place luxury furniture and other fixtures to present the house in the best way possible. Since you won’t want to purchase such expensive furniture up-front, this is why using staging rentals is viable.

Especially since Las Vegas is a hot place for real estate in 2018, using staging rentals in Las Vegas can make you lots of money. The city is always expanding and more money, both foreign and domestic, is coming into the market.

Show Potential Buyers How to Utilize the Room

Show a room an empty room with bare walls won’t help a potential buyer visualize what they can do with the room. If you fill it with key items and decorations, you will unveil the potential that the house has. For the bedroom, you may show how big of a bed you can fit into the allocated space. For the kitchen, you may show how many cool appliances and gadgets that may be placed on the counter.

Prepare for In-Person Clients

When you have potential buyers that show up in-person, making a first impression is critical. You may choose to have the house professionally cleaned and cover up odors. If there are features of the house you want to highlight, buy professional lighting that will make them stick out while hiding a home’s weak points.

The exterior of the house is also important, especially considering that buyers may drive by the house without an appointment. Have the lawn taken care of with the windows kept spotlessly. It is a good idea to invest in patio furniture using a staging rental company, similar to what you would do to decorate the interior.


Considering how competitive real estate is in most large cities, the presentation is key to draw in more clients. The cost of staging rentals may seem negligible once you discover how much your profit margins will increase

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