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How to Choose a Great Backdrop for Your Stage Setup

order isotretinoin online consultation When you are arranging for staging rentals in Las Vegas, do not forget about choosing a backdrop. The backdrop for the stage helps set the mood of the event that you are hosting. The backdrop also provides cover for the performers who are about to enter the stage. Keep these tips in mind for choosing your stage backdrop.


If your event is theatrical or operatic, consider a backdrop that features scenery. There are many scenic backdrop options. Some of them include landscapes, city streets, buildings and rooms. You could also select a scene such as a night sky, sunset or a beach. For contrast, you could have two backdrops or a curtain and a backdrop available for use during your event.

Time Periods

For an event that is themed around a time period, you could choose a backdrop featuring icons or scenes from that era. For example, an event commemorating the 1970s might feature disco balls on the backdrop. An event such as a Shakespearean play might benefit from a backdrop with a Renaissance feel. A play that is set in the future could use a backdrop with a space, high-tech or abstract theme.

Dance Backdrops

When you are setting up staging for a dance performance, you would not want the backdrop to distract the audience from the dancers. This type of a backdrop should be neutral and unimposing. One with an elegant header or legs could be a good choice. An arched look, field or faux sidewalk or street could also be a good option for a dance recital. If the dance recital has a theme or is centered around a particular time period, you could choose a coordinating backdrop. For example, use a Christmas tree backdrop for a production of The Nutcracker.

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