Tips for Selecting the Appropriate Tent Rental Size


The Beginner’s Guide to Tents: Size Is Tantamount to Success

buy Lyrica 300 mg online uk Professional event planners depend on Source1Events for their expertise in event rentals. The key to smart tent rentals is to determine the size you need, the type of tent, and its style. In this guide to Las Vegas tent rentals, we outline the various sizes and tent types that we recommend. Save this post as a quick reference guide to determining your tent rental needs.

Determine the Size of Tent: Guest Count

Algeciras Tent size isn’t an easy calculation for a novice. Tent size is determined by a variety of factors. The guest count is always the primary factor. However, the size of the tent is predominately determined by the type of seating arrangements. For example, it is industry practice to allocate twelve square feet per guest for a dinner-style seating arrangement of round tables. Cocktail parties typically require half as much tent space. There is a range of seating arrangements between a seated dinner and cocktail party. Additionally, you must factor in the space needed to include several party areas; such as a dance area or reception area.

Seating Arrangement Style and the Tent Rental Size

The style of the host’s chosen seating arrangement will drastically affect the tent size. Seating arrangement styles include banquet, theater, and classroom. The nuances of each style will necessitate vastly different accommodations for your tent needs. Being a creative event planner relies on the creative use of seating space. Tell our experts your guest count, preferred seating style, and tent style. We will recommend the best tent rental for your event in Las Vegas.

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