Tips for Picking the Right Event Tent for Your Las Vegas Party shutterstock_113372389

How to Pick the Right Size Event Tent Las Vegas temperatures can rise incredibly high and leave your guests hoping for a break from the heat, but when you have a tent on hand, you can keep them cool and protect them from wind, rain and other weather conditions too. Renting a tent in Vegas requires that you know the number of guests coming and other information because this helps you see what size you need.

Guest List

Before looking at Las Vegas tent rentals, take the time to go over your guest list. It’s helpful to know how many guests will be at the party, but you cannot count on just those who sent back an RSVP though. Around 10% of the guests you send invites to may not respond or may change their minds later. You need a tent that has enough space for your guests to walk around as they chat and mingle with others.

Available Space

Always consider the amount of available space that you have too. While you might want to rent the largest tent that you can find in Vegas, you may not have enough space to set up one of those tents. You should talk with the venue to get the exact measurement of the space where the tent will go. Make sure that you leave enough space for guests to get in and out of the tent and space outside for guests to stand and chat.

Party Type

The type of party that you throw can determine the size rental that you book too. If you want to host a sit-down party that provides each guest with a spot at a table, you’ll need a larger tent than if you threw a party that asked guests to spend most of the night on their feet. Looking at your party type, guest list and available space can help you find the perfect Vegas rental tent.

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