Tips on How to Get Fun Photos at Your Party Held at a Rental Venue

San Antonio Tecómitl shutterstock_325467386 Learn about some fun props to use in photo booths and stages that can be set up at your rental venue for a birthday party or for any other type of a special event.

How to Get Great Photos at Your Party Rental Venue

online purchase of priligy When you are planning a holiday gathering, birthday party or baby shower at event rentals in Las Vegas, you will likely want to have some photos taken in order to mark the occasion. In addition to having a photographer walk around during your special event, you can also arrange to have the event rental facility set up a special area with photo booths, props or cutouts. These additions will add some pizzazz to the photos and will help to keep your guests entertained.

Standing Cutouts

Standing cutouts are a fun way to get people interested in having their pictures taken. You can paint your own cutouts or have professionally made ones delivered to the event rental facility. These cutouts stand on their own and have an opening for a person’s face. Some cutouts also include a spot for the person’s arms. Fun themes for these props include superheroes for a birthday party or holiday characters for a Christmas party.

Photo Booths

The event planning coordinator can help you to select a dark corner in which to set up photo booths. The booths are just like those of yesteryear and include a small bench and a curtain to keep unwanted light out. The booths are great for couples, which would make them an excellent choice for an anniversary party. Kids can also have fun in photo booths making silly faces for the camera.


A background scene and some fun props also make for great photos of your special event. You could offer up a selection of dress-up hats and accessories for a kids’ party. For an adults-only event, props might include bubbles or fresh flowers. The natural scenery at the event venue itself can also make for a nice prop. A view of the skyline or night sky is a beautiful backdrop for photos.

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