Tips for Hosting an Event With Over 10,000 Attendees

Whether you’re preparing for a major sporting event, a large conference, an important business function, or any other large-scale event, you’ll need to find the right Las Vegas event rentals to accommodate the crowds. A large event has many moving parts. Therefore, you’ll need to keep several logistics in mind to make an event go smoothly. Here are some top tips to make that happen. 

Hire an Event Company

 When you are planning for a big event, one of the best ways you can prepare is to hire an event company. After all, event companies are in the business to help make your event a success! An event company knows the specific demands that a large-scale event requires. 

 Some of the services an event company offers include: 

  • Seating and staging
  • Tent rentals
  • VIP areas
  • Tradeshow materials
  • HVAC and electrical

 It might sound surprising, but one of the most important aspects of a large event is the seating arrangement. The nature of the event determines the event seating Las Vegas you’ll need, such as regular chairs, seat risers, and special arrangements like skybox rentals. An event company can also help choose the right kind of event rental equipment, which can include tents, canopies, and creative alternatives such as shipping containers. If you’re planning to host (or attend) an extensive tradeshow, an event company can help with booth selection, set-up, and special features like VIP areas. An event company can also support logistics, such as electrical connections. 

Plan Ahead

 Even though you decide to hire an event company, you’ll still need to plan for a major event well in advance. Ideally, you should send out a ‘Save the Date’ notice, via email or in print form, to attendees at least several months beforehand. Some companies send out invites up to a year in advance! 


 While an event company can help with logistics, you’ll still need to involve others for an engaging and entertaining event. Reach out to prospective partners, including other companies and keynote speakers, to see if they are interested in attending your event. 

Make it Secure

 Security is another vital aspect of planning for a large event. Some factors to consider when determining an event’s security risk include: who are the event attendees? Does the location have non-human threats nearby, such as a major highway or wild animals? How many escape routes do you have, and will external factors such as weather be a concern? 

 Planning a major event takes patience and dedication. But keeping these tips in mind helps! Be sure to contact Source 1 Events for your large-scale event planning needs. We offer innovative event rentals such as tents and re-purposed shipping containers, which can easily be transformed into an event space, along with the expertise that only an experienced event company can provide.

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