Tips on Choosing the Right Size Tent for Your Outdoor Vegas Wedding

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How to Pick the Right Size Wedding Tent

get modafinil prescribed uk Renting a tent for your outdoor Vegas wedding helps you plan for any storms that might pass through. Even if you pick a day when it never rained before, that isn’t a guarantee that it won’t rain on your big day. Choosing a tent that is too small will leave guests feeling cramped, while a tent that is too large can make the space feel overwhelming. You can use some tips to pick the perfect size.

Size of Venue

Look at the size of the outdoor Vegas venue before you consider anything else. The venue may have rules and regulations that prevent you from using a larger tent, and you may find that you just don’t have enough room for the tent you want to use. If you need more space for your guests, you might decide to set up multiple smaller tents that can fit in the space instead of one big tent.

Number of Guests

Consider both the number of people you invited and the number who will come to your wedding. You want to provide your guests with enough space to mingle, dance and sit down to eat or at least carry plates in their hands. Make sure that you plan for some extra space too because you never know when guests might show up who did not RSVP. Companies that offer Las Vegas tent rentals can help you decide on the right size tent rental based on your guest list.

Trees and Other Hazards

Don’t forget about any trees in the vicinity or any other hazards that can hang down over a tent rental. Those obstacles can limit the height of the tents that you use because you don’t want those tree limbs damaging the tent’s roof. As long as you consider all these factors when picking a tent rental, you can select one that’s the perfect size for your wedding.

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