These Tips Can Help You Decorate Your Rental Tent

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Make Your Party a Hit with These Decorating Tips

Tents are a great way to add shelter to your outdoor party. Unfortunately, you are limited to a bland tent color that doesn’t add pizzazz to that special occasion. If you want to give your party a bit more flair, here’s a few tent decorating tips that you can use for your next event.

Add a Few Lights

A little light can add a beautiful glow to the location. Many people add fairy lights or string lights to the tent. You are not limited to those choices through. Hanging globes, Edison bulbs, and chandeliers all will create stunning accent pieces. Don’t forget to add luminaries to the pathway for your guests. These lights can create an amazing entrance to your party.

Give It Some Color

Most tents are only available in white or beige. You might be lucky and find tent rentals in Las Vegas with more color options for your event. If you cannot find any colors other than white, you can always dress up the tent. Draping can be added to the sides of the tent. Swags and extra fabric add texture to the tent’s structure. You can even combine different colors for more elegance. Color can also be added with streamers, floral garlands, and greenery around the venue. These bursts of color will turn your tent into a beautiful party space. You should never feel like you need to close in the space for your guests. If you are having the event in a garden or a scenic area, you can leave sections of the tent open to take advantage of the gorgeous vistas.

Don’t Forget About the Floor

Many people treat the floor as an afterthought. The floor is a great opportunity to add more design to your party. You can use anything from a portable dance floor to outdoor rugs for this space. Potted plants can even be used to separate spaces within the tent area.

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