Three Unexpected Costs to Consider When Planning a Charity Fundraiser shutterstock_94784032

Fundraiser Costs You Might Forget to Consider

order Ivermectin mastercard Hosting a fundraiser requires that you set up the event, advertise to get people there and hand over a check or a large sum of cash at the end. The less you spend on overall costs, the more money you can donate. That is why it’s so important that you know about some of the unexpected costs you might forget to put in your budget, including things such as seating riser rentals Las Vegas.

Food and Drinks

Those coming to fundraisers expect to find drinks and food available at the event. While you can host a sit-down event that provides guests with drinks and a full meal that they pay for in advance, you may want to instead provide a small concession stand that lets them purchase things to eat and drink. No matter what type of food and drinks you offer, you need to include the cost of buying those items in your budget. Of course, you may be hosting your event at a restaurant, as it’s one of the best fundraising ideas for sports teams, and other local causes, so could even make some money from this by partnering with the restaurant for a percentage night, where the restaurant will donate a portion of the money made from your guests’ orders to you.


Unless you host your fundraiser at a venue that has seating available on-site, you will need to arrange for that seating yourself. Options can include shorter risers that you use around an indoor stage, with chairs to provide space for all the guests expected at the event. Alternatively, you may want to go with larger risers that are similar to bleachers for an outdoor fundraiser like a softball game or a talent show. Professional rental agencies can help you choose the right option and plan your budget.

Souvenir Items

Another thing to consider is the cost of any souvenir items that you might want to hand out or sell. You can choose hats, T-shirts or even gift bags that have the name and date of your fundraiser on the front. Selling those products to participants helps you get back the costs you paid and make some extra for the charity. Hosting a successful Vegas fundraiser means planning for all the costs that you face, including unexpected items like seating, the food and drinks you offer and giveaway items.

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