Three Questions to Ask Before Renting a Vegas Stage

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Before Renting a Stage, Ask Yourself Some Questions

consumedly No matter what type of party you want to throw, having a stage rental can come in handy. These rentals come in different sizes and designs that will work in any space available. Asking yourself just three simple questions is the best way to find out which one is right for your event.

Do You Need a Raised Stage?

One question you need to ask is whether you need a raised or standard stage. A standard stage is one that you rent and set up, which sits flush with the ground. Some are just a few inches off the ground though. A raised model is much higher and comes with steps that you climb to reach the platform. Raised stages create a focal point for your party.

Where Will Guests Sit or Stand?

Before looking at staging rentals Las Vegas party planners should consider their guests and where they will sit or stand. If you want guests to sit directly in front of the stage, you need one with a closed back. You can arrange for curtains or another type of backdrop that stands at the back of the stage. Other events might benefit from a stage with a 360-degree design. These stages allow guests to sit and stand all the way around the stage and still see and hear anyone on it.

How Much Space Do You Need?

Make sure that you know how much space you have for the stage too, especially if you plan a party in a new or different location. Renting one that is too big may overwhelm the senses of your guests or make it hard for them to concentrate, but you also risk the stage not fitting in the space at all. When you ask yourself some simple questions and find the right answers to those questions, you’ll have an easier time finding a Vegas stage rental.

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