Three Must Haves for a Karaoke Fundraiser


Equipment and Accessories Needed for a Karaoke Fundraiser

When you host a karaoke fundraiser, individuals and groups pay a small fee to get up and sing in front of a live audience. You can make additional money from food and beverage sales that you make and from the donations that others give you, too. With the right rental equipment, you can make the night a success.

Audio Equipment

A successful karaoke fundraiser must feature the same audio equipment that a karaoke bar would have, including speakers, microphones and a karaoke system. The system should have a number of classic songs as well as newer songs and play the words to those songs across a computer or television screen. With staging rentals in Las Vegas, party planners like yourself can rent all the necessary audio equipment for just one night. You’ll even find companies that will come to your fundraiser, set up the equipment for you and take it down at the end of the night.

Snacks and Beverages

Depending on where you throw your fundraiser, you may not have the right to sell alcoholic beverages, but you can sell other types of drinks and food. Have plenty of bottled water on hand as well as other types of beverages like soft drinks and fruit juices. Guests will love munching on simple bar snacks, including peanuts, pretzels and chips. If you have access to a kitchen, you can whip up foods like hamburgers and hot dogs that you sell to guests to raise even more money.


Offering participants costumes that they can wear on stage is a fun way to set your fundraiser apart from ordinary karaoke outings. Ask those in the community to donate old Halloween costumes that you place in a central place, and let those singing pick and choose to make their own costumes. They’ll love dressing up like their favorite stars on stage. Though you can host a basic karaoke fundraiser, you can make the night even more fun with the right supplies.

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