Three Benefits of Steel Deck Staging for Your Event

If you need a stage or seating for an event, you might not be sure about which type of equipment to get. Fortunately, steel deck staging is multiuse equipment. It’s the standard that the industry uses for VIP platforms, skyboxes, seating risers, and performance stages. Because of how they function, steel decking rentals provide three main benefits when you’re planning an event.

1. Durable and Safe

When it comes to the design of steel decking, durability, and safety are significant advantages. Only the most durable materials are used to make and assemble them. As a result, they’re virtually invulnerable to giving out or breaking from wear and tear. The setup even accounts for vibration from dancing or walking and the possibility of inclement weather to ensure that surfaces remain safe in every situation.

2. Versatile for All Event Needs

Aside from being durable and safe, the flexibility of steel deck staging is a significant benefit. An event rental company in Las Vegas can use it to create subflooring, so that tent rentals have stable, level surfaces to rest on. The leasing company can also create surfaces of various heights and configurations to fit your needs. For instance, a concert or orchestra will need a different stage setup than a commencement ceremony.

For a large event with multiple exhibitions, steel deck staging is useful for allowing several performances or displays. The surfaces can be erected at a range of heights to accommodate the exhibitors’ needs. Steel decking can provide a large amount of seating for patrons as well. If you’re event space already has seats, though, you can have the height of the staging adjusted so that all of your patrons can see the stage without difficulty.

3. An Open Canvas to Decorate

In keeping with the versatility of steel decking rentals, another benefit is that you can decorate the equipment to match the theme of your event. In general, they come in neutral colors, such as gray and black. However, you can add fabric or carpet over the top for an instant improvement in appearance.

Because steel decking is strong and stable, you can place any furniture on it too. For instance, adding statement pieces can make speakers at a conference feel more comfortable. Also, the stage will be more appealing to the listeners. You can dress up the equipment with any accessories that you need or want. Some other examples include ramps, guardrails, cushions, and backdrops. With some preplanning, you can make your event stage or seating look beautiful.

Stage and Seat Rentals for Your Events

Source 1 Events is a premier event rental company in Las Vegas that prides itself on providing safe and quality staging and seating for many applications. Whether you’re having a business conference, fashion show, or music concert, the crew can build the structure that you need, where you need it.

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