Tent and Platform Guide for a Windy Environment


Mild and aggressive wind can impact a tent after it’s placed in an open environment. However, thanks to gadgets and accessories, there are ways to prep a tent and prepare for harsh weather.

Strategies for Tents and Platforms in Windy Climates

On a windy day, pitching a tent is a good strategy because the pleasant air will keep everyone cool. However, if the wind picks up too much speed, a tent’s structural elements will be affected. In order to ensure the highest level of safety on the windiest days while using tents and platform rentals in Las Vegas, key steps must be followed.

Exit Whenever the Wind Is Strong

Safety should always be your top priority when using a rental tent, so you must fully understand when the weather conditions aren’t ideal for guests. Typically, whenever the wind begins to move the tent’s material aggressively, everyone should exit the structure because the currents may knock the support beams out of the ground.

Consider the Tent’s Engineering

In most cases, reputable manufacturers will include a document that highlights how a tent was engineered. This paperwork should be reviewed thoroughly as the information can help you determine the wind speed that the tent can handle.

Use the Stakes Properly

One of the best ways to remain safe during a situation when severe weather might impact an area is by driving the stakes correctly. This is why you may want to consider working with a crew that uses mechanical stake drivers because commercial-grade tools produce professional and reliable results. If you’re going to let your family tackle this task instead, ensure that everyone uses the best tools in a highly efficient manner.

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