Tent Options to Add Pizzazz to Your Outdoor Event

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Chillupār When your hosting parties or other activities outdoors, tents are great way to ensure they go off without a hitch. Some simple tent add-ons can make those experiences more fun and memorable.

Four Tent Features to Make Your Party Bigger and Better

If you’re considering tent rentals in Las Vegas for your next outdoor bash, you should look at some of the more popular add-ons as well. Start by thinking about what will make your guests comfortable and keep them having fun, and then consider these four tent options and how they can help you realize your vision.

Hard Surface Flooring

Dance floors are a popular choice for tents that are used to host outdoor wedding receptions, but a dance floor isn’t the only flooring option. There are numerous hard flooring and sub-floor solutions to choose from. A sub-floor is even a great tie-down alternative to ground stakes or concrete blocks. Flooring can be hardwood or you can opt for carpeting, which adds both comfort and decor.

Tent Windows

Tent windows add a lot of beauty and ambient light to a tent, and they can be opened or seal shut. Even closed, they allow a lot of sunlight into the covered space. That natural lighting helps make people happier and feel like they’re actually outdoors. If the weather is nice, windows can let fresh air in; if there are windows on both sides of a tent, the cross-ventilation is very strong.

Lighting at Night

If you plan for your party to extend into the night, you need to think about lighting. Outdoor lighting can help, but it won’t be enough for the covered space. Table-mounted solutions can work, but might be unwieldy and unsightly. Perhaps a better solution is tent lighting, which can be strung near the tent top so it casts illumination throughout the space without getting in the way.

Power Supplies and Distribution

Last, but certainly not least, is a power supply add-on and a means of power distribution. Sure, you could run an electrical cord or a dozen, but that’s neither safe nor practical. Outdoor power supplies are essential if you opt for electric tent lighting. There’s also the matter of connectivity. Your guests will certainly use their phones, and they’ll probably need to charge their devices. You can even set up a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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