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Brownhills Decking is a series of versatile platforms that allow event tents to be raised almost anywhere, and the choices you make can help your event be more productive and safe.

How to Choose the Right Tent Decks for Your Event

Companies offering decking rentals in Las Vegas can make it possible to raise a tent or multiple tents almost anywhere. A tent deck ensures that your tent rental provides enough space, offers enough clearance and so forth. Therefore, hosts should choose their decks based on the kind of tents and event they want to have.

Size Decks to the Tent Floor

Determine the number of people and the kind of activities a tent will host, and then, size it accordingly. It’s generally advised to size the flooring based on the tent. Decking tends to modular and can usually be accommodated to any compatible deck. However, if you’re hosting a large event, then you may want to consider having multiple tents each with their own modularized deck.

Keep Decks Low to the Ground

Depending on your space, you may want to raise decks up for greater visibility, aesthetic reasons and so forth. Nevertheless, decks should generally be maintained as low to the ground as possible while achieving adequate clearance. This makes the environment safer in the event of a fall or other mishap, and it limits the amount of weight the deck must bear, which results in lower costs for the event.

Overestimate Weight Capacity

A deck’s weight capacity will be determined by a number of factors, including the model, material of construction, height off the ground, tiers, and so on. You must estimate weight based on the tent as well as any equipment, furniture, and supplies that you’ll maintain in the tent and an average weight for each person you’ll allow in the tent. Along with other related tasks like Deck Sanding, oiling, and painting, maintaining ideal occupancy levels is also very important.

Select Features That Accommodate Eventers

Opt for steps with railings. Steps made for the decking system are ideal since they can be adjusted to a precise height and then fitted. Choose railings as well so that people, particularly the young and old, have a handhold while they’re ascending and descending.

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