Successfully Hosting A Guest Artist

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How To Prepare For A Guest Artist Event planning can be tons of fun. This is especially true for those who enjoy it. However, if you’re new to the experience, it might seem like a stressful undertaking. Thankfully, there are a few key places you can focus your energy on. If you pay attention to these major elements and delegate the other moving parts, everything will work out fine.


When an artist comes to perform at a venue, their team normally sends over a rider. A rider includes all of the different things an artist likes when they’re hosted. Most riders include specific snacks, types of water and towels. However, many major artists request all-white rooms, a specific type of heating system and more. It all depends on the artist, but it’s usually written in their contract. Once it’s in the contract, you must do everything to abide by the rider. If you don’t this can result in mayhem. Plus, it’s best to show hospitality to the artist that’s coming to your event.

Performance Set-Up

Consider the artist when you’re preparing the stage set-up. Contact them and find out if there’s an ideal amount of room they’d need for the performance. If they have dancers and a full band, you’ll want to consider that in the set-up. One of the purchases you’ll want to secure is platform rentals Las Vegas. Make sure it’s set up by the professionals safely. The last thing you want is an injury and a lawsuit.


Overall, it’s really important to pay attention to all of the event details when you’re hosting celebrity guests. Whether this event is hosted by your job, church or your city, put the right amount of effort into it. Reputations travel. If you don’t do a good job of taking care of the artist, don’t think it goes unnoticed. Develop a good reputation for managing events now and it’ll carry you far.

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