Strategies That Protect Tents shutterstock_574973200

purchase Lyrica online When tents are used during events in commercial and residential locations, the environment and guests can easily ruin the material. In order to protect a tent while it’s used, a few simple steps must be followed.

Residential and Commercial Protection Guide for Tents

Both residential neighborhoods and commercial properties in business districts are practical destinations for a tent that will be used for an event. However, because guests’ habits and the environment can harm key structural and design elements, certain procedures must be implemented before and after a tent from an event rental company is mounted.

Pick a Proper Spot

When picking a location for a tent, select a location that’s level without any debris. Twigs, rocks, and pine cones should be tossed into a garbage can because they have sharp edges that can puncture a tent.

If possible, try to mount the tent in a spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight. When the heat from the sun shines onto the fabrics, the high temperature degrades the material. If the property doesn’t have a shaded spot, you’ll need a tent that’s made from polyester material instead of nylon because it can withstand intense sunlight in a more efficient manner. However, the sun can still harm polyester if it shines on the material for hours, so you should always deconstruct a tent immediately after an event is over.

Use a Cover

Throughout an event in a tent, guests will frequently travel to different areas in order to pick a proper chair. Because all shoes have rough or pointy components underneath them, they can easily tear the floor in a tent. By using a custom-cut cover that’s designed for a tent, you can prevent abrasions and keep the material tidy.

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