Strategies to Make Your Outdoor Buffet a Success


Four Tips for a Successful Outdoor Buffet Tent rentals in Las Vegas are an excellent option when hosting outdoor events where people will dine. Perhaps you’re hosting a summer buffet in your backyard or a fundraising event for a neighborhood school. In either case, buffets can be tricky. People serve themselves. There’s a lot of moving around, and there can be some confusion, but there are tools that you have at your disposal to get people served and seated quickly.

Use Table Tents to Provide Direction

buy Clomiphene fertility pills online Table tents are metal or plastic stands that won’t tip over easily and are labeled. Use them liberally to indicate which food items are where. This lets people identify easily and from afar if a particular station is of interest to them. Rather than one long buffet, consider multiple stations that are themed. This way, the person who doesn’t want a salad, for instance, can avoid that table entirely.

Opt for Tents With Windows and Screens

The great thing about tents is that they ensure the potential for a good time rain or shine. But if it’s a beautiful day, and your tents are completely shuttered, that can damper the experience. Windows and screens let the fresh air in without bringing the bugs in too.

Consider Separate Dining and Serving Areas

Whether you have one big tent or multiple tents, it can ease foot traffic greatly if people make their dishes in a different area from which they’ll dine. Just make sure that the access points are open and clear so that you don’t create points of congestion, which can undermine the approach.

Food Precaution Is Paramount

Some flies are sure to get in. Keep everything covered and not just food but also the forks, knives, plates, cups and so forth as well. Ensure proper heating and cooling where necessary and try to keep these stations separated. Assign someone whose job it is to ensure covers are put back in place.

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