Staging Your Way to a Perfect Halftime Event


Hosting Your Halftime Event

order ivermectin online The halftime show at the Super Bowl is so successful that millions of viewers tune it for that 10 to 30 minutes of entertainment alone. Many school- and community-based youth sports leagues seek to recreate that excitement during their own big games, and the staging rentals Las Vegas event coordinators have available to them have proven to be a great way to do that.

Prep Stage Pieces Beforehand

Barnstable Intermissions at sporting events are relatively short, which means you probably don’t have a lot of time to prepare the stage in the moment. The good news is that stage rentals tend to be modular and situated on wheels. Arrange your stages ahead of time and organize them for easy access.

Integrate Modularity

Setting up a stage on field in a methodical fashion can be boring, which is why the professionals will often disguise the setup or integrate it into the show itself. Staging personnel can be costumed and choreographed so that the setup and breakdown are a seamless part of the experience.

Create a Safe and Secure Space for Entertainers

Everything can lock into place. That includes the wheels used to roll out the stages and the connections used to bind the modular pieces. Hand and guard rails are an option for stairs and areas where there’s a fall risk. Stages have to be just high enough for the audience in the stands, and the platforms can be raised or lowered as needed to maximize sight lines and safety.

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