How to Stage a Successful Modeling Show for Your Clothing Store


Tips for Staging a Retail Runway Show

Simferopol Whether you own a brand-new clothing store or one that existed for years, you may still need to bring in more shoppers and get them excited about buying from your shop. A modeling show is one of the best ways to show customers what they can get from you and how those clothes look on real people. You need to find some models and set up your stage before that show.

Source Talent

There are a few different ways in which you can find and source the talent that you need for your runway show. One way is with a professional modeling agency in the area. You can ask about models who need more experience or those who want to add to their portfolios. As you’ll usually need to pay them to participate, you may decide to look for volunteers. You can hang signs around your shop and around town to ask for volunteers to walk your runway.

Advertising Your Show

The more that you advertise your show, the more you will reach people who want to come out. Make sure that you advertise both in your store and in other places like on park benches or in nearby restaurants. For in-store advertising, you can utilize digital signage solutions that allow you to showcase customized ads and change the details depending on the engagement you get. You can purchase ad time on the local radio or television and in the newspaper to reach even more people. A simple model runway show can increase your profits and let customers know what you have for sale.

Setting Up the Show

If you have enough floor space in your shop, you can set up the show right inside your store. You may decide to move the show to the shopping mall or another location. You can retain platform rentals in Las Vegas from a local company that will serve as your runway. This elevates the models off the ground and helps those watching keep their eyes on the clothing. You’ll also want to arrange seating around the sides of the platform to provide guests with all the space that they need.

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