How to Stage a Successful Concert

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Tips for Staging a Successful Concert Staging a concert is a huge undertaking, especially if it’s your first time or if you’re working with an unfamiliar stage size. From making sure that all of the pieces are placed exactly where they should be to ensuring that everyone in attendance can hear the music, there is a lot to consider during the event. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that your concert is a success.

Create a Stage Plot

It doesn’t matter if the concert is for a full orchestra or a three-piece band, you need to create a stage plot. You can do this on paper with a pen or pencil, or you can draw it on the computer. The stage plot is a basic map of where everything goes on the stage, and it shows the general shape of the stage as well.

Along with the stage size and shape, be sure to also include any chairs, risers, stands and any other equipment necessary for the stage. Companies that provide staging rentals in Las Vegas will help you with custom staging.

Don’t Forget Height

Risers are a common piece of staging equipment used to elevate performers. These should definitely be included in your stage plot, but there’s one thing that many event coordinators forget to add. You must specify the riser’s height. This is especially important if you want numerous risers at different heights.

Center Stage and Chairs

Once the stage is set, place gaffer’s tape on center stage so that everyone knows where the focus should be. From there, consider your audience and where to set their chairs. You have to ensure that everyone can properly hear the band. Another consideration should be placing the band so that everyone can see them during the performance. No musician should be overtly blocking another.

After the Performance

This is something that even seasoned event coordinators forget about. All of the equipment must be removed after the performance is finished. This can be a logical progression of one piece after another or a difficult mess depending on the staging. When setting the stage, you must consider both installing and removing all pieces to make it easier on the crew.

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