Why Is Space Important for Your Wedding DJ?


How a Wedding DJ Makes Use of Space

Music is the heart and soul of your wedding reception. It can make or break this unforgettable celebration. When looking at places to have your reception in Las Vegas, it should have enough room for the musical entertainment. Read on to find out how space is important for your wedding DJ.

Understand What It Takes to Set Up

A DJ must use several pieces of equipment to provide music at an event. This equipment may include a table, a laptop, headphones, turntables, mixers, cartridges and slip mats. Your DJ is going to need a designated location to set up his or her equipment.

This designated area must be large enough for the table, equipment and allows for your DJ to go through the playlist with ease. You should also ask your DJ the amount of equipment that he or she is bringing. Some reception halls may have limitations on equipment.

Set Up Your Dance Floor

If your venue does not have an established dance floor, then you will have to rearrange things. After choosing the location of your dance floor, you will need a stage for your DJ. Working with a company that provides platform rentals in Las Vegas is a good way to make a stage.

This type of company allows you to rent staging equipment. Examples of equipment include platforms, risers, stages, catwalks, lighting, video cameras, DJ equipment and projection screens. You should rent a stage platform to create a designated DJ area. A platform is a stationary flat surface that allows for walking and performing on. It allows your DJ to standout in the room.

Keep the Dance Floor Clear

Your guests should have the ability to move around and socialize on the dance floor. If you do not have a boundary between the dance floor and DJ, then things can get crowded. The guest should not be bumping up against the DJ’s table. You do not want your DJ’s equipment to get damaged. This can result in the married couple having to pay for the equipment.

Space is important for preventing damage and having a memorable reception. A wedding is a special event that brings the couple and the family together. Good planning can make your wedding unforgettable.

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