Source One Can Provide Carpet, Flooring, and Astroturf for Your Next Event

When it comes to the type of flooring that you use, materials make a difference. This ranges from aesthetics to practical uses. If you’re planning a special event, chances are good you are paying attention to all the details, including the food, seating arrangement, and entertainment. The level of detail probably goes down to decorations, lighting, and centerpieces. Your budget, follow-up email, and other necessities have been accounted for. Everything is considered, it seems, except flooring. With so many choices of flooring, how do you choose the best? 


 If soft, plush material underfoot – with noise-dampening qualities – is what you’re after, carpet is among the best selections. Fortunately, we offer a variety of carpeting solutions that make your event complete. Carpet can either be taped down or stapled down throughout the event. This provides a scenic and comfortable short-term solution. Carpet comes in a variety of colors that meet your unique requirements. If you want to give guests a premium experience, of course, let them arrive walking down a red carpet. 


 Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional wood flooring. Vinyl flooring adds shine to your floor without the high cost of regular flooring. Vinyl tiles come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. Ultimately, this gives you many options to choose from! Whether you realize it or not, the kinds of tile that you have in your flooring design can set the mood for the overall event. For instance, shimmering black tiles look classy and elegant. They are perfect for black-tie tent and event rentals. Checkered tires, in contrast, are great for retro-themed events. 


 Sometimes, especially for outdoor Las Vegas event rentals, you don’t need traditional flooring materials at all. Instead, all you need is a tent and some simple, natural flooring. In that case, turfgrass does fine. This kind of flooring works best when you want to have an event regardless of the weather. Turfgrass is excellent for creating a natural carpet and even allowing guests to dance without fear of slipping and falling on slick surfaces. Astroturf adds a healthy green appearance to your outdoor event, and it is less expensive than maintaining immaculate landscaping. With astroturf, you’ll also spend less money on watering and maintenance than you would be trying to keep real grass alive and in pristine condition for your big event. 

 Flooring is a big deal when you’re planning an event. Probably more than you ever imagined! When you are deciding what king of flooring to get for Las Vegas event rentals, be sure to contact Source One.

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