Simple Ways to Transform Your Presentation Space

windward shutterstock_208627714 If you’re looking to transform an ordinary room into a professional space for a great presentation, there are a few components you’ll want to consider in your decor.

Simple Yet Impactful Ways to Transform Your Presentation Space

Transforming a space with professional decor can be very exciting and daunting at the same time. Thankfully, a few major items can instantly make a major difference in the way the place looks.


If everyone is coming to a central location to hear a presentation, their attention will most likely be toward the front of the room. Since all eyes naturally gravitate to the front, don’t focus too much on decorating the entire room. A backdrop is a great way to pull in the eye and create visual focus. Find a professional set designer who can build a great backdrop. It would be wise to have a backdrop that displays artwork or a design that matches the presentation set-up. With the speaker standing in front of the backdrop, it’ll automatically give an enhanced and a more polished appearance. The bigger the backdrop, the bigger the impact will be, but make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the space. After a professional set designer sees the scope of the project and the room, they’ll be able to give you a great understanding of the best vision to go with.


If a group of people is in a room to witness a presentation, it’s helpful to make sure the audience can actually see the presenter. Having everyone seated on the same level makes it a little difficult for people who are seated toward the back of the room. The best way to fix this issue is to rent a stage platform. Platform rentals in Las Vegas aren’t difficult to find, and they can make a major difference in the way your audience experiences the presentation. Make sure that the platform is sturdy and reliable. Have a conversation with the rental company to find out more about set-up and breakdown times. As long as those details are worked through, renting a platform is one of the best ways to transform a space for a presentation.

Covering the Bases

Sure, there are other facets to the decor in a space, including tables, centerpieces and lighting. However, once the bases are covered, you’ll be able to focus the remaining attention on those elements.

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