Setting Up at a Trade Show? Make Your Booth Really Stand Out


Trade shows allow representatives of businesses interact with prospective buyers and make big sales and deals. You must find ways to make your own booth stand out to get the attention of those customers.

Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out in Any Crowd

As a business owner, you might hear stories of companies that made million dollar sales during a single trade show. Before you grab a few tables and some products though, you need to know how to make your display stand out from the crowd. The more your booth appeals to customers, the more sales you might make.

Highlight Your Brand

Your business or company is your brand, but when you do not brand yourself properly, you risk customers walking by without knowing what you sell or even who you are. Make sure that your booth and display features branded materials like a banner with your company’s name and logo stretched across the top of the booth and smaller signs along the bottom of your tables. It is also helpful to bring along promotional materials like business cards and brochures that you can pass out to interested buyers.

Promotional Products

Give your customers a little something to remember you by with promotional items. You will easily find products that work within the budget you have in mind, including can coolers, tee shirts, coffee mugs, plastic cups and hats. Try looking for products that use the same colors as your company name or logo and match the look of your display too. You might contact an event rental company to get some help designing and building your trade show display before you start shopping for promotional items.

Become the Hit of the Show

Become the hit of any trade show with a display or booth that incorporates plenty of signage and lets prospective customers know all about your brand. Using promotional items like coffee mugs and tee shirts is another fun addition to your booth that will grab the attention of potential buyers walking by your booth. Make your trade booth an even bigger hit with help from a local rental company.

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