Selecting the Right Tent for Your Big Day

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Zyryanovsk There are numerous options for wedding tents styles and perks, and knowing those options, as well as what emergency measures you might take in the face of unexpected events, can help make your reception a great success.

Four Important Facts to Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Tents

Tents are great way to host a wedding reception – or even the ceremony itself – outdoors. However, nuptial couples should be aware that Las Vegas tent rentals vary greatly. Not only is it important to choose the right wedding tent for your particular vision and space, but there are some key questions to ask your rental company before making that final choice.

The Right Tent Style for You

Tents provide space, shade and other comforts as well as helping set a mood and provide ambience. The goal is to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Traditional frame tents are often ideal for backyard spaces, and they’re low enough to avoid interfering with power or telephone lines. They range from small to large and give you a lot of flexibility in terms of positioning. Tents with high-peaked tension covers are popular; they’re gorgeous inside and out and include features like windows and design accents. Span tents are a preferred option to cover large areas under a single roof.

Mix and Match Tent Choices

Your choice of tent isn’t limited to just one style. You could, for instance, use a span tent for the area where the buffet is served and erect high-pitched tents for the areas where people dine, dance and otherwise congregate. Smaller frame tents can be used to create various sections, such as using one for the bar and another for coat check.

Securing Your Tents

There are a number of options to secure tents, including ground stakes and concrete blocks. Stakes are usually the simplest option but require relatively soft ground. So, if you need to go with that option, you can get the required kind of blocks from firms that supply construction materials. Such firms tend to have their own Concrete Block Making Machines that help them in producing the required number of blocks as per demand. Tents can also be staked to trees at times, and there are other creative solutions available. Concrete blocks are preferred when the ground surface is hard or impervious. Know the layout of the area where you will erect your tent ahead of time and choose your tie-downs accordingly.

The Services Provided

Tent rental service usually includes more than just the rental. Most people want a professional to put the tent up and take it down. You should also learn what accessories are available, such as dance floors and lighting, and ask if a staff member is available to remain on-site to keep guests safe. At the very least, most companies will have someone on-call in the event of an emergency.

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