Seat Risers vs. Bleachers – Which is Best for Your Event

Bleachers vs. Risers 

 When considering seating riser rentals, there are several excellent options to consider. The two that are most popular are bleachers and seating risers. While it might initially seem like seating doesn’t make a big difference, there are quite a few differences between bleachers and risers worth keeping in mind as you plan your event. 

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 Bleachers are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a less expensive option for seating riser rentals in Las Vegas. Bleachers come in several different styles, which are grandstand and stadium. They are categorized as “elevated” and “non-elevated.” Elevated bleachers feature the first row of seating at a predetermined height and are ideal when spectator visibility is at a premium. Elevated bleachers are suitable for minimizing visual distractions like barricades, walls, and people passing by. Non-elevated bleachers, in contrast, begin at floor height.  . 

 Seat riser rentals, on the other hand, are also good. While bench-style seats are designed to accommodate the maximum number of people, seat risers are designed to hold one person per seat. Seat risers provide a solid floor, which allows users to stash their personal belongings near their feet without worrying about items falling to the ground underneath. With risers, people can also choose their seat and find the right seat for an occasion. While most events charge general admission for bleachers, you can tier prices for seat risers. This maximizes revenue and ensures everyone gets the “best” seat in the house. Furthermore, risers are portable and easy to transport. 

 No matter what kind of seating you choose, there is a saying that if you treat your ticket holders well, they will keep coming back for more. Better attendance rates, more revenue, and even the right to request higher ticket prices are all benefits one can enjoy by choosing the best seating style for an event. If you need help finding the right seating for an event, don’t hesitate to get in touch for seating riser rentals. We can help you choose between a seat riser or a bleacher based on your budget and needs.

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