How Schools Can Use Canopies for Events


Canopies can be a great way to host school events outdoors. Canopies provide shade and even provide cover should the weather turn from fair to foul.

Canopies for School-Related Events

Schools tend to host many events indoors. It can be easier and safer that way. No one has to stand around in the sun, and there’s no concern that bad weather may spoil the party. Nevertheless, some creative area event planners for schools have turned to canopy rental in Las Vegas as a way of moving school events outdoors.

Book Fairs, Bake Sales and More

Many schools often host book fairs, bake sales and similar events, and trying to cram these sales into a library or auditorium is never fun. By taking these sales outdoors, you not only get all the space you need, but you also get to take advantage of fresh air and beautiful weather. You can have one large canopy for the entire event, or break the sale up into sections using smaller coverings.

Ticketing for Sporting Events

Some schools are fortunate to have a dedicated ticket booth that can be used to sell tickets to incoming fans. If you don’t have that option, then a canopy, a table and a few chairs can serve as an adequate alternative. You may even be able to rent a canopy for the entire season, which should help offset costs.

Orientation Sign-In

Orientation can involve a lot of parents and students entering the school and trying to find their way. A great way to ease the crowd and make movement more efficient is to set up check-in outside and away from the entrance. Under a canopy, parents can get the materials they need and ask any questions before they enter the school and go to their designated room.

Decorations for Proms and Other Special Events

Some canopies are like standalone tents, but canopies can also be draped to cover nearly any distance. This can be a great way, for instance, to decorate the front entrance of the school for prom. Canopies are available in a wide range of colors, so you can mix and match to achieve a particular aesthetic or even decorate in school colors.

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