Say Cheese! Tips for Successful Photography for Your Event

From wedding photos to team photos, many people cherish important group photos for many years. They adorn walls in almost every office while many hang in homes across Las Vegas. If you are a photographer who is looking to increase their income, then you can take group photos to raise your income. Before you take group photos, there are some definite tips you will want to consider to make this experience successful.

Use Seat Risers

Seat risers are key to taking great group shots because it allows people to get close together. It also makes it easy to position everyone so that each person is visible. If you are photographing a large group, then consider getting higher than the tallest person by climbing a ladder. That way, you can get lots of faces in focus in a smaller area.

Think About Lighting

Lighting conditions can vary drastically throughout the day if you are taking photos outside. Start by having the seat riser rentals positioned where you can take most photos in favorable light. If possible, take advantage of the first hour of daylight and the last hour before sunset to take outside photos in the best possible light. If shooting indoors, consider the use of studio lighting allowing you to easily control light sources.

Time Your Picture Taking

If you have control over when the picture is taken, then consider using the time when people are already close together to take the photo. It is usually better to take photos as early during an event as possible because people will look their best.

Rely on an Assistant

Assistants can be invaluable when taking group photos. When possible, choose an assistant within the group that people are already used to listen to for commands. This way, people move faster and you do not come across as a grouchy photographer.

You can greatly expand your photography income by agreeing to take group photos. The best place to position everyone is on risers. Therefore, complete seating riser rentals Las Vegas well before the group photo.

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