Rented Seating Risers Can Help You Customize Your Audience Layout shutterstock_1123408160

What Makes Seating Risers a Great Choice for Your Event?

where can i buy Seroquel online without a prescription Are you planning to put on a show or a speaking event? Do you want every member of your audience to have a great view of the stage even if he or she purchased tickets in the nosebleed section? Seating riser rentals Las Vegas are a versatile system that turns every seat into the best seat in the house.

The Advantages of Seating Risers

One of the great advantages of seating risers is that they allow you to rearrange the audience layout on an event-by-event basis. Some performances are designed to be small and intimate, and you may not want to produce them on the large stage that you usually use. With seating risers, it’s easy to create another space in your performance venue. Unlike bleachers, which are tiered rows of benches, seating risers consist of platforms plus chairs so that guests can sit back and feel comfortable.

Considerations When Renting Seating Risers

When you’re thinking about renting equipment, there are a number of considerations. Equipment decisions must be based on needs: There’s no such thing as a good deal on equipment that’s not up to the task at hand. Cost is a critical factor, but it’s not the only one. Here are some other criteria that are important when you’re renting seating equipment:

• Sturdiness: Your seating risers have to be sturdy. That means that when audience members shift around in their seats, the risers themselves won’t squeak or grind. A squeaky seat can distract from the stage performance, and it can also make the person sitting in it feel self-conscious, which distracts from his or her viewing experience.

• Safety: Your risers have to be structurally sound so that they fully support whatever is positioned on top of them.

• Ease of use: Your seating risers have to be easy to use, particularly if you are setting up and tearing down events frequently. In all likelihood, you won’t have the resources to train your staff extensively in the proper use of the seating risers, so the best ones will be pieces whose design and use are fairly intuitive.

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