The Reasons to Have a Platform At an Awards Ceremony for Your School


How a Platform Rental Could Facilitate Your Special Event’s Awards

At the end of a school year for a high school or elementary school, many administrators pass out awards as a way to celebrate the achievements of students. To give this celebration more fanfare, a school could consider platform rentals in Las Vegas. These are the top three ways that a platform rental could facilitate the awards ceremony for your school.

Gives the Event a Sense of Ceremony

Walking up a few steps, standing in the middle of a platform, receiving an award and crossing the rest of the platform is part of the pomp and circumstance of the event. Simply taking a few steps across a flat gym or auditorium floor is not quite the same. Putting up a platform adds to the sense of ceremony for celebrating the accomplishments of the students.

Provides a Place for Guests of Honor

Guests of honor who will be giving a speech can be seated on the platform. This allows the audience to be able to see the guests and anticipate what they have to say. A podium can also be set up on the platform. The podium and the platform could be decorated with the likeness of the school’s mascot or team colors.

Protects Other Flooring Surfaces

If an awards ceremony is to be held outdoors, such as on the football field, a platform protects the playing surface from damage caused by excess foot traffic. When awards ceremonies are held indoors, such as in an auditorium or a gymnasium, the platform protects the specialty wood flooring and playing surfaces. Platforms also have textured finishes, which provides a slip-resistant surface. For the guests wearing high-heeled or smooth-soled shoes, this helps to prevent them from slipping as they walk up to accept their award or certificate of achievement.

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