Reasons Why You Should Have an Outdoor Tent for Your Next Party

Learn about the different benefits of having a professionally set up tent for your next outdoor party. A party tent can help to keep you safe from the sun, wind, bugs and heat as you enjoy a special event.

Three Health Benefits of Using a Tent for a Party

When you are celebrating a special birthday and are inviting many guests to your party, it is important that the event go off without a hitch. Bad weather, bugs and other issues could all cause you and your birthday party guests to be uncomfortable or to have a bad time. With tent rentals in Las Vegas, you and your guests can stay healthier and more comfortable while attending the big event.

Protection from Weather

Although rain is not a common event in Las Vegas, there can be an occasional downpour or rain shower. When you have a party tent set up to protect the cake, gifts and guests, you will not have to worry about whether or not there is a chance of rain in the forecast. Your guests and all of the food and party favors will stay dry thanks to the waterproof materials of the party tent.


After just 15 minutes in the sun, fair-skinned people may start to develop a sunburn. Children are at an especially high risk of being sunburned. By setting up a tent for a birthday party, you can provide all guests with the opportunity to relax in the shade. The shade of the tent not only protects skin against sunburn, but it also helps to provide a slightly cooler place to enjoy the day.

Keeps Bugs Away

Fruit flies, gnats and houseflies may try to visit the snacks that you have set out for your party guests. With a tent set up, you can keep the food safe and free of bugs. A tent with sidewalls and door flaps is especially effective at keeping flies away. If your party is at dusk or during the evening hours, having a party tent may also help to keep mosquitoes away from you and your party guests.

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