Raised Seating Versus Floor Seating

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When to Choose Raised Seating

buy cheap isotretinoin Seating riser rentals in Las Vegas make elevated seating simple. You can opt for modular platforms that support the seats you already have or modular seating risers that have the elevated seats built in. With convenience and cost mostly a wash, which you choose should come down to the needs of your audience and how they’ll experience the presentation.

When You Need More Seating Space

When it comes to hosting a show, seating capacity is always a big concern. You want to strike that perfect balance between comfort and meeting attendance needs. One of the great advantages of risers is that they let you do more with less space. In fact, a modular riser sized for a particular space you have available can often increase capacity by up to 50 percent or more. That means that if you have floor level space for 50 seats, you could easily turn that into space for 75 people.

When You Want Improved Sight Lines

Risers are a great tool for optimizing your sight lines as well. You can alleviate the sight line degradation that occurs as seats are positioned further away from the stage, and you can elevate seats in order to bring eye level above or around permanent obstacles. There’s a reason why nearly all stadiums and arenas use some form of staggered and elevated seating.

When You Want Better Sound Lines Too

Although we may not visualize it as easy, the same concept applies to sound lines as well. A person in row 20 will hear sound from the stage at 6 feet better than he or she would at floor level.

When You Need to Work Some Geometric Magic

The areas you have available to organize seating will not always be perfectly shaped. You may have corners to contend with or oddly shaped areas created by the positioning of equipment or other seating. Since rises are modular and often available in decks as small as 3 by 6 feet, there aren’t many areas that you can’t maximize for your seating needs.

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