Prepare Your Staging To Maximize Event Acoustics


How Your Staging Affects Acoustics

Bad quality sound at your fundraiser, concert, or ceremony can spoil the experience for those attending and your presenters or entertainment. No matter how good your sound system, bad acoustics are difficult to overcome. Before you go searching forĀ staging rentals in Las Vegas, check out the size and acoustics of your chosen venue.

Environmental Elements That Affect Sound Quality

Sound quality inside a venue is altered by the room dimensions, ceiling height, and the materials used to construct the walls and flooring. When you’re renting a hall, you have no control over the factors that affect event acoustics. The good news is that there is something you can do to improve the situation.

How to Test the Acoustics

If the walls are large and flat, if there are large windows, or the flooring is tiled or made from cement, it creates sound reflections and echoes. Bad sound causes fatigue in the listener and makes words unintelligible for those who are hard of hearing. You can tell how good the acoustics are just by clapping. Walk to various points in the room, clap your hands a few times, and then stop and listen for echoes.

Construction materials aren’t the only thing that affects sound quality. If the ceiling isn’t flat or the room is too wide, it won’t reflect the sound back to the audience. Hitting or walking across a stage that’s hollow underneath can cause a dull thud.

Easy Solutions to Improve Sound Quality

The simplest way to overcome defects is by strategically placing materials that absorb or redirect the sound where you want it to go. Screens can be placed at angles above staging to ‘aim’ the sound away from high ceilings and back toward the crowd. You can hang heavy curtains behind the stage and use fabric or curtains to cover hard walls and large windows. This will absorb echoes and reduce reflection.

Refrain from placing carpet or rugs beneath the seating areas. If the floor is already carpeted, consider placing rolled plastic sheeting under the seats. Stages that emits a thud can be muffled by piling fabric or rolls of insulation under them. You can also scatter area rugs on the stage surface if you’re having a live band or speaker.

Even when you have no choice over venue location or stage placement, you can use these tips to optimize the sound for your guests.

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