How Platforms Are Designed to Keep Performers Safe While on Stage

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Brotas Discover some of the methods that are used by platform and stage technicians in order to ensure that anyone standing on the surface will be safe throughout the duration of the performance.

Three Ways Platforms Are Made Safe for Bands and Performers

Ciudad Fernández When you are hosting a special event, such as a live musical or dance performance, platform rentals in Las Vegas provide the necessary space for your featured guests. Platforms are also ideal for a few featured speakers, such as for a panel discussion. Many of these special events require the use of heavy equipment such as lights, speakers and instruments. Consider these three ways in which technicians work to keep the platforms safe.

Using Durable Rigging

Many platform setups involve the use of rigging systems for lights. These are typically top-heavy because the lights are located along their tops and sides. In order to keep the setup secure, the most durable materials are used. When necessary, engineers are able to set up this equipment in order to be prepared for issues such as vibration from the audio equipment or people dancing.

Securing Ballasts

Ballasts may also be used to aid in the illumination of a platform during a special event. Modern ones make use of electronic controls. They use solid-state circuitry to transform voltage and the frequency of power. Although the equipment is efficient and runs at a cooler temperature than an electromagnetic ballast, it must be secured physically to avoid tripping. It also must be properly grounded. Engineers may also check it for safety against sparks.

Preparing for Inclement Weather

If a platform is going to be set up outdoors at a performance venue, there is always a possibility of inclement weather. Engineering professionals and platform setup technicians strive to ensure that the surface will be safe under most types of weather conditions. One important way that a platform is set up for inclement weather is to use an approved lightning grounding system. Another part of the weather preparedness activities used for platform setups is to ensure that the surfaces will not become slippery when wet.

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