Platform and Stage Rental Options That Will Blow Your Mind


Stage and Platform Rental Uses for Any Party

The next time that you start planning a party or a special event like a fundraiser, think about adding a platform or stage rental. Party equipment rental companies offer these platforms for rent and can both set up and take down the stage for you too. You’ll find new unique and unusual ways that you can use these stages.

Toasts and Speeches

When looking for platform rentals, Las Vegas party planners sometimes use these platforms as a way to highlight those who want to give speeches and toasts. During an anniversary or retirement party, guests can walk on stage, tell stories about the person or couple and reminisce with other guests. A platform is a great choice for a wedding too. The bride and groom as well as the wedding party can sit on the platform in front of the guests.


Use a stage as a way to host a content in the middle of your event. If you host a fundraiser, you can let guests get up on stage and play music or show off their talents. The top individual or group should get a prize at the end of the night. You can also use this stage as a way to hand out door prizes. Ask guests to enter their names as they arrive at the party. Pull one name out every hour and award prizes.

Go Dancing

The problem with setting up a dance floor in a party space is that guests sometimes cannot differentiate between the dance area and other spaces. Using a platform lets them know exactly where to go and where they can dance. You can choose between a raised stage that is higher in the air or one closer to the ground. Using any of these fun ideas for platform and stage rental will help guests relax and have a great time at any type of event.

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