How to Plan an Affordable Special Event by Renting a Big Party Tent


When you are planning a special event that will have hundreds of guests, the expenses will add up quickly. Renting equipment instead of buying it brand new helps to lower the cost of your event and eliminates the need for storing large items and quantities of supplies.

How to Save Money When Renting Party Equipment

When you are planning a special event that will have hundreds of invited guests, the amount of equipment and supplies that you will need will be a large part of the event’s budget. Rather than having to cut on the quality of entertainment or the amount of food, you can save money in other ways. Affordable tent rental in Las Vegas is a great way to save some money on what you need in order to throw a great party.

Choose an Off-peak Time

Weekends in the summertime are the busiest season for party tent and other rental equipment needs. If possible, plan your special event for a morning on a weekend or a weeknight evening. Another option is to consider an early autumn event. Just making this small change could allow you to save money and get the size of tent that is best suited to your needs.

Be Flexible on Sizes

If you know that you are having 200 guests at your special event, consider a range of options for the rental equipment. Instead of one large party tent, perhaps two smaller tents would also work. If you had planned on a specialty shape such as a circular tent, be flexible and consider a tent with a square or rectangular shape that will accommodate your guests just as well.

Consider a Package Deal

Instead of getting your chairs and linens from one place and your party tent from another, inquire about package deals. A package that includes the tables, chairs and linens along with the party tent may help to lower your costs. Also, make sure that your rental equipment fee includes the cost of delivery, setup and teardown. A package that includes these fees may also help you to save money.

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