Pipe and Drape Systems to Create and Sell More Trade Show Booth Spaces

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How to Enhance Convention Center Floor Space for Trade Shows

order generic Lyrica If you’re an event planner or marketer looking for creative ways to sell booth space at your next trade show, convention, or expo, consider offering services like pipe and drape rentals to help exhibitors beef up their spaces. Creating backdrops, quasi-rooms and corridors in an open space is simple and cost-effective using pipe and drape systems. Here are three ideas you can use to make your next Las Vegas trade show a hit.

Create Rooms from Open Floor Space With Pipe and Drape Systems

Transform the open area of any convention center into rooms. You can use pipe and drape systems to differentiate workspaces, similar to an office environment. This helps your exhibitors manage their work environment with break rooms, storage areas for equipment and supplies, and private meeting rooms.

Create Guide Points

Too much open floor space can be overwhelming for expo attendees. You can use small pipe and drape systems, rather than confusing signage, to provide directional guidance throughout your trade show location. Use them to efficiently direct guests to registration areas, seminar rooms, and to rest and refreshment areas.

Create Backdrops

Offer pipe and drape rentals to your exhibitors and help them match colors in their corporate logo to create a booth with an environment similar to their retail or office location. Coordinating their exhibit space with their brand can help them to stand out from other exhibitors and attract more traffic.

There are many ways that event managers can use pipe and drape at Las Vegas trade fairs and expos. Establish a relationship with an experienced, full-service event rentals and management company. They can provide you with the resources and tools to market to your clients as an option that will help you boost sales to potential exhibitors at your next trade show.

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