Pipe and Drape

prednisone 20 mg purchase Pipe and drape rentals provide you with an array of options for setting up areas at your event to suit a variety of purposes. While these systems are often used at trade shows to create booths and highlight designated areas, they also provide an attractive option for disguising equipment. Whether you are planning a corporate convention or just need an attractive backdrop for a film production, our event rental and set up services provide everything you need to stage the perfect scene.

Understand the Basic Set Up

wearifully A pipe and drape system works very similar to a curtain rod to hold drapes in place without having to attach anything to the ceiling. This makes them the ideal solution for temporary set ups that must come together and be taken down quickly. These systems are so simple that they only require a few basic components such as a base and support rod that allows the drapes to be held perfectly in place. Once you have given our staging experts the details of your event, they quickly set to work designing the perfect layout for your drape systems along with a schedule for making sure that each drape is in place before your guests arrive.

Explore Potential Uses

Our event solutions team has used these systems for everything from large corporate trade shows to intimate celebrations. In fact, our systems are the go-to solution for creating private areas such as photo booths and interview stations. Several systems can also be arranged together to create impressive backdrops that highlight your booth at competitive conventions.

Put It All Together

At Source 1 Events, we have an array of colors and sizes available that fit any theme, logo or requirement for your event. We can match your drapes to table covers to create a cohesive effect, or we can use contrasting drapes to include your company or team colors for an attention-getting backdrop display. Our team can also plan for your systems to be the perfect height to fit in event tents or to stretch across a stage. Either way, our extensive inventory allows us to create the display of your dreams.

When you arrange for our team to help plan your event, we make sure that every detail is covered. We understand how important it is for your event to come together according to your specified time schedule while also creating the perfect environment for your guests to enjoy. Contact us today to get started exploring how we can use pipe and drape systems to transform your special event into one that everyone remembers.