How to Personalize a Rental Stage Platform for Your Next Special Event shutterstock_553636618

Apodaca When you are hosting a special event, renting the tent, stage floor and platforms offers a high level of convenience. Learn how you can customize the platform to coordinate with the other decorations in order to create a festive atmosphere.

Three Fun Ways to Decorate a Platform for Special Events

When you are planning a party, fundraiser or another special event, platform rentals in Las Vegas help you to save money. These rental services also add a level of convenience. Once the platform is set up, consider these three fun ways to decorate it.

Decorative Tape

Decorative tape is a fun way to decorate a platform. You can use it to mark the edges of the platform for safety reasons. It also works well to mark the place where you want a person to stand. Decorative tapes come in a variety of colors, including glow-in-the-dark options. They can be applied without any tools, and the tape is simple to pull off upon the conclusion of your event.

Glitter and Bunting

If you really want the stage and platform to shine, apply a dusting of your preferred color of glitter. This decoration is fun for a dance, awards ceremony or a birthday party. The glitter can be swept off with a broom once your event is finished. Bunting is also a colorful addition. You can select a reusable plastic bunting or sew a fabric bunting just for the event. Paper bunting comes in a rainbow of colors and can be recycled after it is removed from the platform.

Stage Lights

Stage lights put the focus on the person or people who are standing on the platform. They can be remote controlled, allowing you to create special effects. Consider lights that double as a spotlight for focusing on the speaker. You can change out the lightbulbs or us an array of LED bulbs in order to create a rainbow effect. A strobe style of lighting could be used during a performance, while disco effects are fun for dancing. If you do not already have stage lights, you may be able to rent them for your event.

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