Overlooked Event Planning Essentials


Important Event Planning Details to Remember

Planning an event is a monumental task that encompasses many factors. Whether the event revolves around a corporate presentation, product promotion, a private party or a wedding, there are a number of aspects that must be handled. Devising a checklist provides a comprehensive aid that ensures every detail is addressed. However, there are a few things that planners might accidentally overlook.

Checking Contracts

Whether this is the first time or the hundredth time planning an event, when dealing with a caterer, event rental company, or tech team, the planner needs to have an understanding and terms listed on the cancellation policy. All need to be informed about deposits. You also need to know if the vendor has non-approved fees. Determine the hours that the fee covers and if the time frame covers setting up and tearing down. Decide what space arrangements are needed or if some have special requirements.

Layout and Signage Requirements

Regardless of where the event takes place, planners need to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the facility and grounds. Out-of-the-way locations may necessitate providing invited or potential guests with directions to the location. Directional signs may also be needed within the facility if the event is taking place in a specially designated room or area of the location. If using any type of outdoor signs, take possible weather changes into account when creating the signs. Within the facility, there should be a central check-in destination and perhaps someone who can provide guests with information concerning restrooms and tech areas. Also, consider signs or technology for branding, marketing or other presentations.

Post-Event Evaluation

After the event is over and done, the planner or committee should take the time to sit down and talk about what transpired. Discuss what worked well and areas that might need improvement in the future. Get feedback from guests, vendors, and others responsible for creating the event. Maybe the size of the location was insufficient or the catering choices were too limited. Perhaps all went well but some areas could be even better. By assessing the current event, future endeavors might be more successful.

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